HiFlex is scheduled as a 4-year collaborative project, involving nine partners from five EU countries and two partners from associated countries (Turkey and Switzerland).

The successful realization of the project requires an integrated effort of industrial bodies and research centers and a trans-national collaboration to maximize the effectiveness of this cooperation. Specifically, it is necessary to integrate knowledge and expertise in commercial CSP plant engineering, procurement and construction (KT / NextChem for the complete plant and Tekfen for the heliostat field) with the experience from the development of the key components of the new particle tower technology, the receiver (DLR and HelioHeat), the steam generator (DLR, John Cockerill and Sugimat), the particle transport system (Dürmeier) and the particles (Indygotech Minerals). This is completed by an industrial user of energy (Barilla) with a strong focus on reduction of greenhouse gases from its production process. Quantis will evaluate the environmental and socio-economic effect of the technology.

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